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How to optimize the business value of your data with agile data governance

“Instead of being controlled by data and the regulator, we want that nirvana state of using the data in order to turn on a dime to market conditions and new opportunities.”

Co-CEO Philip Dutton discusses agile data governance with industry experts.

Podcast: The case for the Solidatus approach to data lineage

What is data lineage and how does it differ from the discipline of data management?

Philip Miller and Philip Dutton, Co-CEOs of Solidatus, explain their vision of data lineage, and put it in context for different applications.

DataVision: Why data lineage is your answer to ESG

Solidatus’ co-CEO, Philip Dutton, recently hosted a panel discussion at the EDM Council’s DataVision event. Featuring expert speakers from General Motors, Medtronic and the EDM Council, tune in for practical, expert advice on how to build a successful ESG strategy.

Dataversity demo day

In this free demo with co-CEO Philip Dutton, see how Solidatus gives you comprehensive insights about your data quickly, accelerating your ability to make confident decisions on data governance. Plus, learn how to reduce data risk and increase operational efficiency through the insights Solidatus delivers.

Creating an active data culture for an interconnected world

“The stick isn’t the reason you should be doing this, the carrot is… are you ready to change the way you think about and manage your data?” 

In his keynote speech at Big Data London,  our Co-CEO Philip Dutton explained why there needs to be a shift in the way we think about data.

Cloud transformation: The Greenfield opportunity, but where do you start?

Solidatus’ Co-CEO, Philip Dutton, and CDO, Lorraine Waters, discuss the challenges of cloud migration with panelists including David Knott, Digital Transformation Officer Google, Tom Jenkins, Head of Data and Analytics Risk at HSBC and Colin Gibson, EDM Council CDMC Product Owner.

Data governance: Why, how and how much?

“What you’re trying to do is give an organization its own understanding of itself…” 

At Big Data London 2021, Solidatus’ Co-CEO Philip Miller joined panelists from The Data Governance Coach, One Housing and Collibra to discuss the hot topic of data governance.

Best practices for metadata management

“Metadata is data about data. Metadata gives the specifics of what data is and how you should use it.”

Solidatus’ Co-CEO Philip Miller caught up with other data experts from BNY Mellon, Deutsche Bank, Bloomberg and Crux to discuss best practice when it comes to metadata management.

Big data and privacy: What you need to know

“You need to be able to prove the lineage of data – where you sourced it, what it is, what its uses are, and where it is going.”

At Big Data London 2021, Solidatus’ CDO Lorraine Waters joined this debate alongside panelists from BigID, Tudor Galos Consulting and Imperva.

Shifting from reactive to proactive data management to drive growth and profitability

At the A-Team Data Management Summit Virtual USA, Solidatus CDO Lorraine Waters interviewed Scotiabank CDO Peter Serenita to learn more about his insights into reactive vs. proactive data management to drive growth and profitability.

From months to minutes: The benefits of automated data sharing

Susan Walsh, Founder of The Classification Guru, speaks with Kate Platonova, Group CDO at HSBC, and Lorraine Waters, CDO at Solidatus, about data sharing. They explore how HSBC and Solidatus are revolutionizing the industry from a transformation, ROI, and automation perspective.

How to become a data-driven organization

“Think big, start small”

In this EM360 podcast with Scott Taylor (a.k.a. The Data Whisperer), Philip Dutton is joined by GSK’s CDO, Wade Munsie, to discuss what really goes into making data an asset, data-driven decision making, and the purpose of the CDO.

Data isn't expensive, complexity is

“We want to make data a better place”

Joining EM360 to discuss some of the data challenges organizations are facing, Philip explains that it is the complexity surrounding data, and not the data itself, that is costing organizations huge amounts of time and money.

Building successful fintech partnerships with financial institutions

Joined by industry specialists Quantexa and Barclays, Solidatus’ Co-CEO Philip Dutton sat down with our partner EY to look at building successful partnerships within FinTech, and why these partnerships need to be treated as extensions of a company’s own business mode.

Regtech: Data lineage and the interoperability within financial services

In this webinar, Co-CEO Philip Dutton joins Dr Oliver Margetts, VP of Engineering at Suade and David Hulme’s, Global Business Development at Suade, to discuss data lineage and data and system interoperability. The two are essential to effective data management in financial institutions.

Understanding the state of local government data

If you don’t know how to find your data or manage it, how can it possibly be understood and used effectively?

We discuss the how the Smarter Devon program – alongside Solidatus and Peak – is meeting the Council’s challenges around compliance and data governance.

How to achieve reliable automation

“You can’t automate a process if you don’t understand it fully.”

Philip Dutton, Co-CEO and Co-Founder at Solidatus, discusses how organizations should best approach supply chain management and traceability especially in terms of the automation process.

Data management for ESG requirements: Webinar with A-Team

“Over the next few years, it’s going to be critical to get this right.”

Solidatus Co-CEO Philip Miller sat down with industry experts  to discuss the biggest challenges and best practices around ESG data sourcing and management strategies.

How to get your customer data right to support regulatory compliance and a digital customer experience

Our Chief Data Officer, Lorraine Waters, caught up with Scotiabank VP and Chief Data Officer Allie Harris over a fireside CDO chat at the A-Team Insight Virtual Data Management Summit.

Future proofing your data strategy for today's complex regulatory environment

 “Trying to create something sustainable… is very, very difficult.”

Co-CEO, Philip Dutton, joins a group of data experts to discuss key issues in the ever-changing landscape of data management.

Panel discussion: ESG data and reporting – standardizing a complex and evolving landscape

Solidatus Co-CEO Philip Miller caught up with industry experts at the A-Team Insight Virtual Data Management Summit to look at specific ESG data and reporting challenges, and how we can drive standardization efforts.

Fintech focus tv: Solidatus names as one of the most influential fintech companies of 2021

Co-CEO Philip Miller caught up with Harrington Starr CEO Toby Babb for an episode of FinTech Focus TV. Philip gives an exclusive look at the factors behind our success, as well as what is next for Solidatus.

Achieving successful digital transformation

“If gaining value and insight from your data is your objective, lineage is your best friend.”

Elizabeth Squire, Director of Business Development at Solidatus, joins EM360 to discuss data linage and its role in achieving digital transformation.

Leveraging data lineage to deliver tangible business benefits

In this webinar with the A-Team, Solidatus Co-CEO Philip Dutton joins a panel discussion on how firms can implement data lineage when facing challenges presented by legacy systems and how technology solutions can solve these challenges.

The future of Solidatus

 “Our ambition is to engineer a very necessary piece of software, but also to build a company that is collaborative, inclusive and forward thinking – a tech company of the future in terms of our ethos as well as our product.”

A Tech Company News interview with Philip Dutton.

Shaping fintech: Becoming truly data driven

“We need to instrument our data… and be agile enough to remediate it without going through huge, time consuming projects.”

Solidatus Co-CEO Philip Miller joins a panel discussion to look at what it means to be truly data-driven, where the financial services sector is now, and the next stages of the journey. 

Fintalks: After hours – most common data mistakes

With so many projects related to data, it is easy to slide into common traps resulting in mistakes. On this panel at Future Processing’s ITInsights event, Co-CEO Philip Dutton discusses the most common data challenges we see in our industry and how to overcome them.

Women take tech: Solidatus and Elevather

On International Women’s Day, Solidatus Co-CEO Philip Miller joins Full Stack Software Developer Nadia Mahgerefteh and Head of Support and Training Rupa Rughani to discuss their career journeys so far, challenges they have faced in a male dominated industry, and why we should be doing more to attract female talent into tech.

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