Solidatus for healthcare

Navigating its complex data landscape 

Solidatus enables healthcare firms to garner stronger insights to boost decision-making through more connected, powerful data that improves outcomes while also complying with privacy regulations. 

Transform your data landscape and protect patient data 

For organizations in transformation, Solidatus empowers them to mine actionable intelligence from data, facilitating change and analyzing its impact while solving the challenge of future-proofing the data ecosystem.

One source of truth for pharmaceutical company

Automated the visualization of numerous data flows, dependencies and processes revealing insights
for strategic planning and

Simplify complexity, workflow and analysis 

Unprecedented levels of digital transformation call for sophisticated data management encompassing everything from medical trials and patient data to drug development and biomedical research.  

A citizen’s healthcare records span multiple jurisdictions and countless systems (new and legacy) with thousands of points of capture. At an organizational level, mergers and acquisitions often bring in new systems, records and databases. 

Data Privacy

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Most Innovative Data Governance Solution‘ at the A-Team Innovation Awards 2021

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Heathcare’s digital transformation

The recent pandemic has driven a radical change in working patterns, and an accelerated adoption of cloud computing and telehealth, putting the global healthcare system under tremendous pressure.

Healthcare is at a pivotal moment – points of data capture around each patient have expanded exponentially offering unforeseen opportunity to provide world-class medical care to more people. More data, however, requires agile tools to successfully meet an expanding set of regulations like HIPAA, GDPR (Data Privacy), GCP and REACH. Failure to approach this new digital world holistically will likely leave businesses struggling to stay afloat.

With Solidatus, companies can take a proactive approach to regulatory compliance benefiting from improved customer engagement and earning a high level of trust within the market.

HIPAA: Safeguarding PHI and ePHI

Not only does Solidtus reduce the time and cost involved in managing HIPAA requirements, it provides a clear understanding of the impacts on an organization.

Podcast: How to become a data-driven organization

How should companies begin their data transformation journeys and manage their assets effectively?
How should a business approach the purpose of the CDO from an investment and governance standpoint?
And, how should we deal with data quality?

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Solidatus in conversation with GSK

Solidatus for Healthcare
With Solidatus, mapping clinical data becomes instantaneous  

Why Solidatus?

Inform clinical and operational decisions

Business knowledge combined with data lineage enables faster identification of correct data, impact analysis, and gaps in report coverage, meaning organizations can trust their data and make better decisions. 

Protect your reputation

Mitigate significant reputational risk associated with a data breach and reduce the subsequent regulatory fines and sanctions by tracking patient data, its use, and how it interacts with an organization’s systems and processes. 

Leverage regulatory spend

Ensure mandatory regulatory spend not only achieves regulatory compliance but also delivers a 360° view across your organization to elevate and transform your organization’s data capabilities, improving data management and governance to increase revenue streams. 

Demonstrate reliability and transparency

Significantly reduce compliance costs by taking a proactive approach to compliance. By clearly documenting and auditing your data landscape, regulatory assessments become instant. 

"Mergers and acquisitions - optimizing healthcare's digital landscape"

“… a biopharma company must spend $2 billion to $4 billion annually on R&D [Research & Development] to establish a meaningful pipeline of candidates. Over the long-term, most drug companies invest 20% of revenues in R&D. A revenue stream of greater than $10 billion is therefore needed to achieve successful organic growth”.

Build your complete healthcare data management strategy

Company-wide collaboration

Through its collaborative and crowdsourcing model, Solidatus allows for quick and effective enterprise-wide identification of where patient information is held. Working across the organization, a clear understanding can be made of exactly how data is being used in business and IT processes. 

Visualize and map metadata

Data flow can be clearly mapped out to visualize each contact point, and ownership can then be assigned. With this knowledge, organizations can confidently and quickly fulfill a PHI (Protected Health Information) request. 

Deliver business intelligence

Solidatus’ reference model capability integrates business knowledge with technical metadata across flows. Categorize and identify the right data for regulatory assessments, ensure completeness and view lineage to the source.  


Solidatus facilitates the timely tracking of drug trials through managing data flows and ensuring the reduction of redundancy and misuse of data. 
Data Privacy
Ensure data quality controls are in place for accurate drug evaluation 

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Best Data Governance Solution‘ at the A-Team Data Management Insight Awards 2020

Solidatus unlocks the true business value behind data. A lineage-first approach enables organizations to connect and visualize data relationships across the enterprise, simplifying how they identify, access and understand them. With a reimagined, sustainable data foundation in place, organizations can mine actionable intelligence and solve complex problems to deliver transformational business results.

Solidatus is a member of the EDM Council.

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