Rapidly visualize your data flows

Understand and trust your data, reduce costs, mitigate risk, demonstrate regulatory compliance, eliminate data debt and automate process.

Create and analyze a visual representation of the connections that define and drive your organization through collaborative knowledge-sharing within one centrally-managed solution.

Quicker than any other visualization tool on the market
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Data lineage. Visualized.

For Solidatus, lineage is the visual representation of anything that is connected, whether that be the flow of data through an organization, or any form of business or technology connectivity.

The value of data lineage is directly related to its completeness of coverage at enterprise level. The value of a data lineage solution is directly related to how easily it enables the capture of data and how effectively it facilitates the sharing of that data across the organization.

The best data lineage solution will succeed by encompassing the entire enterprise without incurring an unsustainable maintenance overhead of effort and complexity: that solution, is Solidatus.

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“Game changing”, Gartner review
“The best data lineage solution on the market”, Gartner review

Why Solidatus

The fastest data lineage visualization tool available

The award-winning, number one choice for organizations worldwide, with fast adoption and departmental buy-in, and proven efficiency savings of up to 90%.

Fully audited and comprehensive change management

Reduce migration risks and costs with the ability to have all changes seen in context and auditable, giving confidence to regulators.

Business knowledge acquisition

Business knowledge combined with data lineage enables faster identification of correct data, impact analysis, and gaps in report coverage, meaning organizations can trust their data and ultimately make better decisions.

Enterprise-scale data lineage

Federate data lineage to system owners, automate using connectors, integrate proprietary systems with our open API, and get early business benefits and fast ROI with end-to-end critical data element flows.

Solidatus enables global retailer
to fully automate storage, versioning and
visualization of field-level data lineage

Why do you need a data lineage tool?

In-depth knowledge of data, and how it is used, is now crucial to all organizations. Apart from a regulatory imperative to understand the data flows within an organization, data lineage is fundamental to getting the right data to the right people, at the right time – the basis of sound decision making, risk management and new data driven products.

Many organizations attempt to track data lineage with spreadsheets, usually documenting the data lineage that people think exists, which is guaranteed to be at least incomplete and inaccurate.

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How Solidatus benefits data-rich and regulated organizations:

User-friendly interface

The intuitive interface means a short learning curve for all levels of business.

Rapid installation and access

Solidatus is a browser-based application which can be operational, in the cloud, within minutes.

Quickly build lineage

Import data from other systems using data connectors, data import facility or our open Solidatus API.

Identify missing data

Immediately start modeling and quickly identify where additional discovery is required.

Accelerate discovery

Accelerate discovery with collaboration and sharing by assisting subject matter experts in delivering valuable insights.


Effortlessly share with management and colleagues for immediate feedback and approval.

Solidatus’ world-leading data lineage tool helps organizations with:


Data lineage demonstrates how organizations achieve results, with regulators highlighting how data lineage is necessary for transparency and to establish confidence in data governance.


Where many systems are involved across multiple departments in transformational projects, lineage can play a pivotal role in mitigating risk and assessing impacts.


With data lineage, you can have visibility of all organizational systems and data flows, making it easy to identify redundancies and improve operational efficiencies.


Data governance is the management and control of data where usage, accuracy and integrity of data assets is monitored. To acheive confidence in governance, you need data lineage.

Solidatus enables visualization of complex data integration flows

Global pharmaceutical organization uses Solidatus to improve transparency
of interactions and dependencies for all process actors,
reconciling multiple layers in the same place.

The world-leading data lineage tool

Solidatus has been designed since its inception to provide world-leading visualization of lineage, together with the technical and business metadata that informs and contextualizes that lineage.

The founders of Solidatus – practitioners with many years’ experience of implementing data lineage programs in global organizations – knew that Solidatus must enable an organization to quickly develop a data landscape, crowdsource metadata, agree terminology, and analyze data usage throughout their systems to deliver comprehensive data lineage. In addition, Solidatus had to facilitate effective collaboration and promote efficiencies through automation.

Solidatus enables the rapid capture and effective visualization of data lineage at any level of granularity – from system to deeply-nested field – as well as capturing and connecting with relevant contextual information such as regulatory models, business rules, business glossaries, or enterprise modeling.

Need to know more about your data?


Solidatus unlocks the true business value behind data. A lineage-first approach enables organizations to connect and visualize data relationships across the enterprise, simplifying how they identify, access and understand them. With a reimagined, sustainable data foundation in place, organizations can mine actionable intelligence and solve complex problems to deliver transformational business results.

Solidatus is a member of the EDM Council.

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